Native Plant Society


Board conference call, 9:30 am, Tuesday, September 3, 2007

Participants in call: Elaine Nowick, Chair David Sutherland, Secretary-Treasurer Robert Kaul, Board Member

It was decided that the dues for the organization should be set at $10, with possible small grants or scholarships to be funded in the future.

Elaine Nowick will prepare a membership form and ask for comments from board members.

Dave Sutherland will receive the dues money for now and will find a bank to begin an account for the society. We want to find a bank that will not charge us if we have a small balance and will allow internet banking.

Suggestions were made about possible field trips and activities for fall.

Robert Kaul suggested that Mike Gutzmer might be able to take us to his property on the Platte River Valley near Columbus for a field trip in September. An alternative to that might be to vist the Wood Duck Wildlife Management area near Norfolk if Mike is not available.

It was suggested that we might visit salt marshes near 1st and Raymond and on North 27th Street, Lincoln, for an October excursion.

A possible pot luck and seed exchange was suggested for November.

Elaine will contact Emily Levine for possible help to start a basic website that will list activities and information.

Robert Kaul mentioned that the school of Natural Resources is hosting a reception for the Flora of Nebraska on 16 October 2007 and that members would be welcome to attend that.

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