2018 Research Awards Available

Deadline February 28, 2018

Research Award Information

Research Awards

NENPS has limited funds to support native plant research and conservation. Grant opportunities are provided periodically. These grants are made possible through memberships.

Past Research Award Winners

2014: Jim Locklear, Lauritzen Gardens, for work to update Claude Barr's "Jewels of the Plains," and Chauncey Kellar, University of Nebraska Omaha, for investigations into whether the scurfpea (Psoralidium floribundum) should be considered distinct from Ps. tenuiflorum (two 600$ awards). Congratulations to Jim and Chauncey. NENPS grants support native plant research and conservation and are made possible through memberships. Thanks to Dave Sutherland, Glenn Pollock, and Pat Mettler for serving on the awards committee.

2010: Mark A. Schoenbeck, Biology Department, University of Nebraska at Omaha, for a proposal entitled “Development of molecular tools for prairie restoration genetics” ($500 award)

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